Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peigan Blackfoot

"My grandfather was from the Peigan Tribe of Canada. I am a quarter Blackfoot Indian. My grandfather was adopted by Caucasian parents from his reservation, so I have no, nor will I ever receive, "paper" proof that I am Indian. But, my great-grandparents and my grandparents always made it clear of my grandfather's heritage."

–Zehara Nachash

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  1. Zehara, you might actually want to contact AANDC about your grandfather's status. My father's cousin, the artist Jane Ash Poitras, was adopted by a German woman, but she has successfully maintained her status.

    The McIvor case, as well as the precedents set by 1985's Bill C-31 may re-establish his Indian Status, or validate the claim to status for his children/grandchildren.